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Why use Team Teichman

Why to Trust Team Teichman with your Real Estate needs?

All Realtors have a code of ethics that we abide by which include being trustworthy, honest, and all around good people.  I would hope this to be the case in any Realtor you find.  However, not all Realtors are created equal.  My wife Debbie and are both Broker Associates meaning we have taken several more hours of training than a Realtor Salesperson and you also get the combined knowledge and experience of two successful Realtors working for you.  This means we have your back.

At Team Teichman, we go the extra mile for you.  If you are selling your home, we will work to make sure you receive top dollar for your home.  This may include ideas to bring up the value of your home or simple things like tree service or cleaning that will make your home show well to potential Buyers.  As a Buyer, we pride ourselves in knowing what obstacles to look for during inspections to make sure the home you purchase will be the best home you can have for your money.

What really sets Team Teichman apart from the rest of the pack is the additional services we provide with no extra charge.  We specialize in helping people break down a huge project like preparing your home or a loved ones home for sale and making it as painless as possible.  When we have parents who are downsizing or moving into a retirement facility and need help with years of accumulation of personal items and maybe years of maintenance that needs addressed, we can help.  We have people and contacts that will be able to help you make a difficult project as calm and smooth as possible.  We love helping people and this is what Team Teichman is about.  

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