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How much does a Realtor cost when buying a home.

We are often asked how much our Real Estate services are and what we provide for this fee and the answer is a Buyer, you don't pay us a dime!  We will help you with all of your Real Estate questions, listen to your wish list, send you home listings that match your needs, help you find a lender, set up showings, write up Purchase Agreements and help you through the entire escrow process to the point of giving you the keys to your new home at no charge to you, the Buyer.  How is this possible?  In our Real Estate world, the Seller is the one who pays for the Realtor commissions on both the buy and sell side of the purchase.  As long as a Realtor is the listing agent, we will work with them to receive our salary.  You, the Buyer, can rest assured that we will be working very hard to help you find the perfect home for your needs and we won't be asking you for any money for these services.

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