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Ron and Debbie met in the northwest corner of Montana near Glacier Park.  Being raised in a cold environment, most of the year is spent working and trying to stay warm with just a few months of beautiful weather to really get out and enjoy. Loving the sun and warm weather, they soon decided to move to the Big Island of Hawaii where they had spent many vacations. Both became Realtors and successfully worked the Big Island Real Estate market for several years.  

Looking for a new adventure, Ron and Debbie began traveling to Florida.  The weather and range of restaurants and new things to do along with the old favorites of the ocean lifestyle caused them to jump at the chance of getting their Real Estate Broker’s License in Florida as well. Making the move has given incredible insight to help others with moving short or long distance which can only be learned through experience.

Buying a home in Florida, the Realtor they bought their home from hired both to be a part of her company. Having the support of a caring Broker and a solid company with awesome ethics to work for have helped the Teichmans form their Team in the Orlando area.